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"Auf der Strasse" - "On the Road"


Research Papers
Dachau Concentration Camp

     Right before we went to Vienna we visited the Esterhazy Castle.  This is where Josef Haydn, the famous composer, worked.  We got to go on a tour of the castle and it was very interesting.


     Vienna was the second city that we got to visit on our trip.  This city is full of so much history, we only got to see a small part of it! 


Above is a picture of St. Stevens cathedral.  This picture does not even begin to show how big the cathedral really is.  Also, underneath the cathedral we got to go into the catacombs.  This was really interesting because there were rooms and rooms filled with bones, many of which were from The Black Plague.

The second day that we were in Vienna we went on a bus tour.  It was very interesting because we got to see the varying architectural styles and we also got to see a bunch of different sites.  It was a lot fun.  We started our tour at the opera house in the center of Vienna, and ended it at the Schonbrunn Palace.

This picture is of a building that was created by an architect that did not like straight lines.


  This picture above is of Schonbrunn Palace where our tour ended the second day. This place was beautiful inside and out!


The above picture is a smart car.  Basically all of the cars there are very small which compared to the big S.U.V's that we drive is a big difference. 

This picture was on our tour. It was one of the churches that we saw.


    The picture above is a painted green man who is suppose to be like a statue but if you put Euros in the bucket in front of him he would do a mime show for you! There was another man we sa  like this the following day  who would make bird sounds or chase after you if you took his picture and did not pay.