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"Auf der Strasse" - "On the Road"


Research Papers
Dachau Concentration Camp

     Prague was one of the most beautiful cities we visited! This was our third city to visit and one that gave us many memories!


   Our second night in Prague our group went to see Star Wars it was only the second night it had been open. The theater was huge! There were three different stories each of which had about four or so theaters. The movie was in Enlgish with Czech subtitles which was suprising for it being in another country. That night was a good example to me of why Americans are viewed as such jerks or "ugly Americans". Johannes, who was our trevel guide and from Germany was sitting next to me. The movie began and these two men were standing in the aisle talking, Johannes asked them nicely to sit down because he could not see. The first rude remark was, " Well gee I would hate for you to miss the previews". Johannes ignored them and said nothing. The men then could not find there seats and Johannes offered to help and that is when the men began to cuss and say very inappropriate things. This went on for a while until the men finally sat down at the end of our row. When the movie was over these American men still had not forgotten about it and tried to start something up at the end. Johannes was the bigger man and did nothing. It seemed to me like these American men thought Johannes was stupid or something because he was not an American. This embarrassed me for Johannes and as an American. Now it is easy to see why Americans are percieved as such jerks.


    Our UCA group on the steps of the Mission Impossible/St. Charles bridge!!!


    Look how gogeous the building above is!! Can you imagine seeing buildings like this everyday? Well in Prague and the other places of Europe we saw most all the buildings had a unique structure like this one.  Also, in most of the cities we visited, there are no skyscrapers, because they feel it detracts from the unique architecture and history of the city. 

    The picture below was one of the many jazz bands playing on the bridge that led into the downtown area of Prague. These men were singing, "What A Wonderful World" and it was the most beautiful versions. Just imagine listening to the song on a old stone bridge with four mean singing with Czech acents!


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The picture below was what it looked like walking across the bridge into downtown Prague. We spent a whole day walking around the city. It was amazing! This day was when it was brought to my attention that racism towards Jewish people and other races was still very present in this country. For some reaom I guess I had thought that since War World II had ended it no longer existed but I was wrong. A man pulled Katie and I into his store that day and just began rambling. His first impression was that we were farmers because we were from the Mid-East and we told him we were from Arkansas. He had never heard of the state so he just assumed. Instantly he tired getting us to buy presents for our boyfriends who he then believed had gone to town while we were gone to get some feed to our cattle. I felt he was making fun but then he made comments towards the East and West coast and that is when i realized we were not who he was picking at. He told Katie and I he would only marry a girl from the Mid-East because those were real women. He made several racist remarks towards Jewish people and African Americans as to why he would not marry someone from the East or West coast. Use your imagination and I'm sure you will come close to what he said. This caught me off guard and once again reminded that racism is still very present.


    This picture below is just another example of how beautiful and unique the buildings are in Prague!