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"Auf der Strasse" - "On the Road"

Research Papers
Dachau Concentration Camp

World History II Abroad- - - May Intercession 2005

Welcome to "Auf der Strasse" or "On the Road"!  This website is a collection of the Central/Eastern European experiences of Katie Coghlan, Mayci Stewart and Seth Billingsley.  Our amazing trip to Budapest (Hungary), Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic), and Munich (Germany), among other destinations, took place from May 14-23, 2005. 
We are all students at the University of Central Arkansas, in Conway, AR, and we are all entering our sophomore year of college.  The Residential Colleges at UCA (Hughes and State specifically) gave us the chance take this incredible opportunity.  By sharing our stories and photos, we hope to encourage anyone even considering a study abroad venture to go for it!

Seth Billingsley lived in Hughes Residential College his freshman year.


Katie Coghlan lived in Hughes Residential College her freshman year.


Mayci Stewart lived in State Residential College her freshman year.


Trips like the one we were able to take are definitely not free of charge.  So, we would all like to show our gratitude for the people/groups which made this trip possible:
Katie  - I would like to thank my parents for letting me go on this trip.  I would also like to thank U.C.A. for paying for the tution part of this trip because of my scholarship. 
Mayci - I would like to thank my parents for making this trip possible for me and it was amazing. I would also like to thank UCA because without them making the plans and the arrangments this never would of been possible either, and another thanks to UCA because on this trip i met some of the most wonderful people who I know I will be friends with forever.
Seth - I would like to thank the Arkansas Student Loan Authority for giving me a loan on such short notice.  In addition, I would like to thank the University of Central Arkansas for allowing my academic scholarship to cover the tuition portion of the trip.  Without these two organizations, this would not have been possible for me. 

This trip was, in part, designed to focus on each student's current major, which was not always possible, although it did make us think about what we really wanted from life.  Katie's major is Business, Mayci's is Pre-Dentistry, and Seth's is Music Education.